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Atherosclerosis, sometimes called hardening of the arteries — can slowly narrow the arteries throughout your body, causing obstruction of blood flow. It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the arteries and is the underlying cause of about 50% of all deaths in westernized society. This cholesterol plaque in the walls of arteries may rupture, causing heart attacks and stroke.

Atherosclerosis often has no symptoms until a plaque ruptures or the buildup is severe enough to block blood flow. The highest incidence of plaque rupture was observed in men over 45 years, whereas, in women, the incidence increases beyond age 50 years.

Heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers, and stroke is the major cause of serious long-term disability in adults in the United States. We’re all at risk. The risk goes up as you get older. By the age of 40, about half of us have cholesterol deposits in our arteries.

A life-saving solution exists today that is within our grasp: Gene Therapy. Maximum Life Foundation has strong reasons to believe a single gene therapy can be a solution to atherosclerosis.

It was calculated that if a treatment were introduced in 2025 that delays the onset of atherosclerosis, it would reduce more than 75% of recurrent vascular events immediately and prevent the more than 200,000 yearly deaths in the United States alone.

We believe that treatment exists TODAY.

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