Curing Aging

Cure Aging By 2033

Maximum Life Foundation has been working since 1999 to reverse the human aging process. Although we enthusiastically embrace many popular treatments that can add youthful years to your lifespan, we won’t be satisfied until you can reverse your biological age to somewhere in your 20s.

We plan on doing this by integrating biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence for the specific purpose of controlling aging and rushing breakthrough affordable technologies to market.

Four technologies and strategies have the best potential of doing that…


Nanotechnology is the design, synthesis and application of materials or devices that are on the nanometer scale (one billionth of a meter). The use of nanodevices in medicine is called nanomedicine.

Nanomedicine may be the holy grail of indefinite lifespans. When fully developed, it’s the leading candidate to reverse aging’s effects.

Nanomedicine could eventually repair or build every cell in your body, bottom up, atom by atom. Nanobots are blood cell-sized devices designed to go inside your body and perform therapeutic repair functions. These even include enhancing virtually all of our capabilities, including our brain functions.

For example, respirocytes would mimic the action of red blood cells. You could hold your breath for nearly 4 hours if sitting quietly at the bottom of a swimming pool. Or if you were sprinting at top speed, you could run for at least 15 minutes before you had to take a breath!

Because molecular machines will be able to build molecules and cells from scratch, they will be able to repair even cells damaged to the point of complete inactivity.

By the early 2030s, these powerful medical instrumentalities would likely begin to enter widespread clinical use, marking the beginning of the almost certain end to human aging.

Gene therapy

We believe cell and gene therapies are the quickest and most effective path to cure virtually every aging related disease and condition… starting today.

A defective gene or genes can make you sick. Recognizing this, scientists have been working for decades on ways to modify genes or replace faulty genes with healthy ones to treat, cure or prevent a disease or medical condition.

In gene therapy, scientists can do one of several things depending on the problem that is present:

  • They can replace a gene that causes a medical problem with one that does not.
  • Add genes to help the body to fight or treat disease or aging
  • Or turn off genes that are causing problems

Gene therapy could offer cures for many conditions that are considered incurable at this time. It is a flexible treatment option and gene therapy has the potential to treat a variety of illnesses… and seemingly aging itself.

MaxLife currently supports gene therapy research. See

Artificial Intelligence

The theory for a new kind of computer application has been developed, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This technology will allow computers to learn, think and respond like humans ? they will exhibit REAL intelligence. AGI has the potential to put every anti-aging research project on the fast track.

There is so much information on aging research, that it is impossible for one person, or even a thousand, to absorb a fraction of what is currently available and continually growing every day. Up until now, we have not had the capability to discern or draw viable conclusions from this raw data that could then be used to benefit humanity.

The path to increased human longevity goes faster with AI assisting human scientists.


Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence offer a direct path to reverse much aging related damage before we learn to control the human aging process.

SENS strategy is NOT to interfere with metabolism per se, but to periodically repair or obviate the accumulating damage… and thereby indefinitely postpone aging indefinitely.

Seven major categories of such accumulative age-related damage have so far been identified and targeted for anti-aging treatment within SENS. These include removing extracellular accumulations, removing extracellular crosslinks, eliminating toxic death-resistant cells, restoring essential lost or atrophied cells, removing intracellular accumulations, replacing mutant mitochondria, and correcting nuclear mutations and epimutations.

Taken collectively, they have the potential to rejuvenate a human. Each one offers therapeutic rejuvenation benefits.

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