A Cure For Dementia

Funding Aging Research

Maximum Life Foundation is dedicated and determined to bring about a cure for dementia. This mind-robbing disease affects far too many families in our nation, and because of this, countless people lose their beloved family members and friends prematurely. This epidemic needs to end! We are also striving to help drive treatment prices down. If we accomplish this, government and health insurance companies cannot deny it to the people.

We know the changes in gene expression that define aging in our cells are controlled by changing telomere lengths as these cells divide. Telomeres are the caps that reside at the end of DNA strands. As cells divide over time, the telomeres get shorter and shorter. We know that if we can restore telomeres to their original lengths, we not only reset gene expression, but end up with a cell that looks and acts like a young cell. MaxLife wants to move this treatment into human trials this year to treat dementia. This has been demonstrated not only in human tissues, in the lab; but in animals as well.

Why Dementia?

I’m David Kekich, founder and CEO of Maximum Life Foundation.

Memory loss and other symptoms of dementia are devastating. This brain disorder robs people of their identities and life. I know because I have experienced the effects of this disease within my own family. My father’s dementia sensitized me to the terrible human suffering that dementia wreaks upon victims, their families, and caregivers in ways that have to be lived to be totally understood. Because of my experience with my dad’s illness, I devoted my life to help identify and develop a technology that may reverse and prevent this dreaded disease.

My dad lived with me until just days before he died. I can’t begin to describe the anguish in watching his mind and identity being slowly and steadily eaten away. I hope you are not sharing my experience, but I suspect you may be since you’re on this page. If you are, there’s hope for you and your loved one. We know that when we reset telomere lengths in the aging rodent brain, the animals begin to act normally again, and we see the brains returning toward normal volume and function.

Can we do the same for human patients?
Can we cure dementia? 

Evidence leads us to believe we can.

Thanks to this game-changing technology that everyone else overlooked, MaxLife works to support this research to permanently reverse dementia if caught in time, and to even vaccinate aging people against this devastating disease.

7.6 million people in the United States alone have dementia, and each one of them is sentenced to certain death if they have to wait for years of endless animal studies. That’s why MaxLife wants to go straight to the clinic for those who would otherwise have no hope.


Will This Be A Cure?

There is a lot of information on the web, and the amount of dementia research is momentous. Take care about what you read – no cure has been FDA approved yet. Understand that we intend to support research that demonstrates a treatment, and hopefully, a permanent cure within 12-18 months. Once proven, we hope to get FDA approval fast-tracked.

This is not only the humanitarian thing to do, but it will also save hundreds of billions of dollars annually — dollars that are currently being directed to patient care instead of a cure. Won’t you help make this study a reality?

Our Partner, Integrated Health Systems

Integrated Health Systems, is determined to rescue dementia patients. They intend to demonstrate a treatment and possibly a cure within 12-18 months. They have several therapies both in use and in development. They aim to lengthen telomeres and reverse dementia, atherosclerosis, Chronic Kidney Disease and cellular damage. They already have a working therapy for sarcopenia and lengthening telomeres. These are treated as aging diseases, and it is believed these therapies will dominate the medical market within 5 years with therapies that treat cellular aging at the core; the genome, which is the root of such diseases.

When they reset telomere lengths in the aging rodent brain, the animals begin to act normally again, and their brains return toward normal volume and function.

This is such promising evidence that we can soon cure dementia in humans! Donations and subjects are needed to complete this human study. Will you help us meet our goal?



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