Announcing – Maximum Life Foundation Secured Funding for Gene Therapy for Age Reversal Human Study

A Personal Message from David Kekich

I formed Maximum Life Foundation in 1999 and had my eye on reversing the aging process long before then.

Here it is, 21 years later, and I’m feeling effects of aging in spite of my efforts to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits over decades.

After all, they could make life more disease free, improve quality of life and extend average lifespan, but they will not extend maximum lifespan.

Only therapies that can rejuvenate us will do that.

So, some caring and generous donors decided to step up to the plate and underwrite experimental rejuvenating gene therapies that I am trying to secure grants for to get qualified subjects treated.

There was one provision.

I was to be the first test subject.

Their rationale was I was the perfect age for the therapies they themselves might want, and the data that would be gathered and analyzed would be invaluable.

And they wanted to reward me for my efforts these past few decades. Blush.

I want to thank these anonymous donors from the bottom of my heart and look to the day that their rewards will be the open-ended youthful health spans that I have been working toward for all of us.

Now, I encourage you to support MaxLife’s “See the Future” campaign to treat our second subject. Go to for details.

Remember, the more data we compile, the better therapies can be refined for the day you decide to get treated.

We want YOU to see the future.

More Life,
David Kekich

P.S. MaxLife also raised funds for an Alzheimer’s/dementia human gene therapy study. Initial subjects are now being treated.