Funding Life Extension Research

Funding Aging Research


Maximize investment returns while minimizing risk and maximize health and longevity in minimum time

Maximum Life Foundation developed a creative investment strategy that combines capital preservation, liquidity, an annual dividend and venture capital returns… while developing technologies that are designed to extend healthy lifespans by 20 years or more.

My name is David Kekich. I founded and managed the biggest marketing arm of a Fortune 500 life insurance company until an unfortunate accident changed the direction of my life twenty eight years ago. (My accident could also impact your life and in a very positive way)

Since then, I have devoted my life to two passions:

  1. I applied my executive skills to the study of private investing. As a venture capitalist, I have enjoyed success following a strict strategy of traditional value investing in exciting but fundamentally very sound new companies.
  2. I have invested the remainder of my time to say nothing of considerable financial resources to advancing life extension technologies. In other words, I understand the anti-aging industry. This industry does not yet fit the traditional venture capital mold though. It is perceived as risky and unproven, and investments generally take a long time to mature. So I added some ingredients to my basic venture capital model to make investing in your health and longevity attractive.

Venture investing, the way I do it now, is far from the huge gamble most people perceive. In fact, it reduces risk to the levels associated with conservative stock market investing but with double targeted returns. I will share the basics of my philosophy later in this document. I combined my two passions and built two world-class teams. First, I assembled a stellar scientific team.

Then I recruited some of the most profitable venture capitalists and portfolio managers in the country (the core of our financial management team). Finally, I devised a strategy which could allow you to reap extraordinary health and financial rewards while minimizing risk! As you will see in the following pages, there is a compelling case to be made for the potential rewards for individuals who embrace an appropriate and sound approach to this emerging growth market.

The Next Big Investment Sector Could Make Early Participants Very Wealthy

All it takes is one glance at the chart below to see where money will be made in the health care field in the years just ahead. Its going to be in treating and preventing diseases and conditions related to aging. It is still some time before Wall Street will put the full force and power of their resources behind solutions to the aging problem. But now, a world-class investment management team headed by the former CEO of Citicorps pioneer venture group (he built it into a $50 million fund that earned over $7 billion) has set its sights on the opportunity.

And the opportunity for you reading this Special Report today is twofold, because:

  1. You can be part of an inner circle who are on the cutting edge of information and treatment as research eventually postpones the debilitating effects of aging by years or even decades; and
  2. You can participate financially with a group of dedicated and credentialed investment professionals as they pursue maximum returns in this exploding field of research and development.

The prize could be a longer and healthier life, coupled with what could become a rewarding investment.


Aging: An Impossible Problem Or the Ultimate Opportunity

We all consider aging to be life’s ultimate reality. On our birthdays, our friends often joke with us that it’s better than the alternative! That’s because, all our lives (and all throughout human history up to this point), there has been no alternative to aging and its symptoms and diseases. But you and I are fortunate to be living at the precise moment in history when mankind is experiencing a veritable explosion of science and technology.

Our entire world is changing virtually every day due to exciting, breakthrough innovations in every industry from telecommunications to travel from computers to cars from farming to pharmaceuticals and everything in between. But nothing is more exciting, in my view, than the technological advances that have already been made (and continue to be made, faster and faster) in the rapidly growing science of anti-aging.