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Longevity News Alert delivers all the weeks life-extending news, including any and all research breakthroughs in an easy to digest summary format. Some news will benefit people suffering from specific diseases or conditions.

18 MayLiving in a Sauna… Aging?

Dear Future Centenarian, On March 31st I had major surgery on my spine Since April 1, I have endured sweating 24/7, shaking, alternating chills and hot spells which have settled into a round the clock hot spell Leading up to this were 5 trips to the ER, another surgery, 2 hospital stays… and

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03 MayThe Man Who Saved My Life ONE AND A HALF TIMES Since December

Dear Future Centenarian, I was in a hospital for over a week for a surgery on the spinal surgery wound from my original surgery on 3/31 I have a post-surgical infection and complications that have made existence next to impossible these past 5 weeks The bug has not yet been identified but

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13 AprUpdate Notes on Surgery Dangers

Dear Future Centenarian, Before we review the side effects I experienced, mostly from the general anesthesia for my spinal decompression, I’d like to point that I never regretted having the surgery It was necessary and deemed a success by the surgeon In addition to improvement in my pain

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06 AprWARNING: Beware of the Perils of Surgery

Dear Future Centenarian, This warning is not to discourage you from necessary surgery Rather, it is a sobering reminder to avoid any underlying conditions or diseases that make surgery necessary in the first place Use your own discretion regarding optional surgery such as any cosmetic

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