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Maximum Life Foundation offers you the most current healthy longevity advice and information available. We support both public and private research on the aging process and how to reverse it, both now and in the future when full-body rejuvenation will be possible. Besides helping you live long enough to take advantage of these technologies, we raise money to fund them. The Foundation is also committed to aiding anti-aging researchers in commercializing their technologies so the advances in the lab can reach the public much sooner than would otherwise be the case.

Currently, researchers who want to create a new biotech company are faced with the daunting tasks of raising funds,, as well as dealing with the hundreds of tiny administrative details necessary to start a company. Securing funding can free them up to advance their technologies and to deliver them to the general public. Maximum Life Foundation is helping with their funding needs to eliminate these problems for researchers so they can focus on perfecting real life-extending technologies.

Maximum Life Foundation implemented an international grant seeking program to fund and accelerate human clinical studies for the most promising rejuvenative technologies already developed.

Most molecular and cell biologists feel that once we have a better understanding of the majority of our genes and the proteins they produce, controlling the aging process is inevitable. And understanding more about how aging works should shortcut finding cures for aging related diseases. In fact, once we can cure aging, heart disease, cancer, dementia and other aging related diseases and conditions will mostly cease to exist. The human body is a wonderfully complex machine. Deciphering the aging process is simply a matter of continuing to figure out how that machine works.

Therefore, the Foundation is exploring every possible avenue to speed up research, clinical studies and clinical applications on the disease processes associated with human aging. It is the hope of the members of the Foundation that the tremendous economic, social and emotional costs of human aging can be greatly reduced through this effort.

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